First Date Horror Stories – Are You One of Them?

First Date Horror Stories – Are You One of Them?

First dates. They can be that magical moment when you realize you have a connection with someone, or they can be the stuff nightmares are made of. The fine art of first dates can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship or wreak havoc on the ego of even the most confident among us.

We all have first-date horror stories. The guy who spent an hour longingly reminiscing about his years as an eagle scout, or the woman who takes three calls from her ex-boyfriend and gushes about his huge sailboat. I even had a client tell me that a blind date walked in and, without saying a word, walked right back out. Ouch!

While we can laugh at these stories, have you ever wondered if you are “the bad date” who gets laughed at over happy hour with friends? No, you say, of course not. But, I regularly talk with singles who are able to get the first date, but have no idea why they never get a call for a second.

There are many reasons why two people connect. But, just to be safe, follow these tried-and-tested rules to make sure your next first date gets the proper opportunity for a second one.

First-Date Do’s and Don’ts


*Get in the right mindset

Somewhere along the way, dates have turned into an interview for marriage. Gee, that isn’t intimidating or anything! This is a date. It’s two people getting to know each other in a safe, social setting. You are not looking for a spouse or even a significant other. You’re just looking for a second date. Your new mindset? Have fun, keep it light, and stay in the moment. At the end of the date, don’t forget to ask yourself if you want a second date?


I love the story about a so-called “successful” date one client had. The connection was there, and the conversation flowed all night. “I can’t believe he didn’t call!” she said after a week had passed since her “amazing date.” But, when I asked her to tell me more about the other person, her face went blank.

It’s true the conversation flowed … from her. Listening is a key rule for the first few dates. It’s a sure-fire way to make a positive first impression, and it will immediately show that your date – not you – is the center of attention. No matter how easy this sounds, asking open-ended questions and actually listening to the answers will get you everywhere.

* You get to choose, too

Sometimes we are so excited that someone is interested in us that we forget to see if he or she is, in fact, a good match. We allow ourselves to be “chosen” by the other person, instead of choosing that person ourselves.

We need to know what we are looking for in a date, and we need to have the confidence to be able to choose (or not choose) a person based on our own beliefs, values, personality, etc. The minute we let someone else choose us, we are handing over the power in the relationship, which almost guarantees future resentment, anger and frustration. You need to be willing to know what you are looking for and choose someone back.


*Drag it out
I don’t know when we decided that every date needs to last hours. I don’t think anyone wins from that situation. Your first couple of dates should be short and easy. Set up a lunch or coffee date. Talk, ask questions, laugh and leave. Your date will find you a lot more intriguing if he or she knows you have a life to get to, and it will give your date a reason to call and ask you out again soon.

*Dress inappropriately
Wear an outfit that makes you feel great and gives you confidence. If you are out with friends and want to wear a shirt that’s maybe little too low-cut, that’s fine. But it is not appropriate for your dates. The idea is to have someone interested in all of you, not just parts. Also, don’t wear something that looks good but makes you feel stiff or awkward, as this translates to your behavior and body language. Remember, your objective is to get to know the other person and have fun in his or her company; you can’t do that if you’re distracted by your clothes.

*Drink too much
You’re a little nervous about dinner with your new date, and you figure a glass of wine will take the edge off, right? There is nothing wrong with a drink or two with your date (depending on personal limits, of course). But nobody wants to talk to a drunk person across the table. Not only is it a turn-off, but you are more likely to share things you wouldn’t normally share. You will wake up embarrassed the next day, and you probably won’t get a call for a second date.

*Reveal everything
As you are getting to know someone, keep the conversation interesting, but keep it light. No one needs to hear about former relationships or how many children you want the first few times you go out together. Find fun and neutral topics that will give you a peek at this new person without sharing too much, too soon. We all move at different paces and “putting it all out there” right away can be intimidating for some people. People who would be potential dates.

There’s no denying that first dates can be intimidating and nerve-wracking; there can be a fine line between putting your best foot forward and being yourself. But, by keeping these simple tips in mind, your next first date can easily and quickly morph from an anxiety-ridden situation into a fun, relaxed event that hopefully leads to date #2.

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May Flash Crash Not About “Quote Stuffing”

May Flash Crash Not About “Quote Stuffing”

On a recent visit to Chicago for an annual Traders Sojourn I heard lots of horror stories about Flash crash losses ranging from 1 Million to 11 Million just from guys I know, and it seems many lives get altered when you have these cataclysmic disruptions. There is an old saying in the execution business on the exchange floors which goes like this, “There are only 2 kinds of losses – Big Ones – and little ones….. Regulators probing the stock market “flash crash” last May still have not uncovered a single cause but will point to “stub quotes” and other previously identified issues as having exacerbated the market’s dramatic drop, according to two sources familiar with the probe. A third source said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is still asking about a “smoking gun” that might explain the May 6 crash, when the Dow Jones industrial average plunged some 700 points before sharply recovering, all in about 20 minutes. “Quote stuffing,” in which large numbers of rapid-fire stock orders are placed and canceled almost immediately, will not be fingered as one of the causes of the crash, sources have said. But the SEC is increasingly probing market data from other trading days, looking for possible problems with what are sometimes excessive numbers of buy and sell orders, said the third source. The worry is that such a flood of orders could clog data feeds and confuse investors, giving the sender an unfair advantage to arbitrage between marketplaces.

Quote stuffing, a new term describing this possibly illegal trading practice, differs from stub quotes, which are orders placed well off the market prices for stocks. Regulators are soon due to issue a follow-up report on the crash, which rattled investors worldwide and exposed flaws in the high-speed electronic marketplace. So far, the report by market regulators does not contain a lot of new information and is expected to repeat earlier findings that a number of events caused the crash, two sources said.

The sources requested anonymity because regulators are still collecting data and finalizing the report. The sources said the report will point to stub quotes as one of the structural issues that contributed to the plunge. The SEC has already adopted a pilot program to help prevent a repeat of the crash. That circuit-breaker program pauses trading in a single stock when that stock is in crisis, and has tripped several times since it started in June. The SEC also wants to ban stub quotes and is expected to propose such a rule in the near future. For months, the SEC and other market regulators have grappled with half a dozen working hypotheses to explain the flash crash. They have probed links between declines in prices of stock index products and the severe mismatch in liquidity, among other things. Although regulators still cannot explain what went wrong, they are considering new rules to solve problems exposed by the flash crash. In addition to the single-stock circuit breakers and stub quote ban, the SEC wants to tighten rules for marketmakers to ensure liquidity during stressful times. The SEC is also mulling updates to its broader circuit breakers to give markets a brief reprieve should they plunge uncontrollably. Current marketwide circuit breakers were not triggered during the May crash


For more information visit (The Global Online Investment Community) is a high traffic stock market, news data website providing cutting edge new media products and services to publicly traded companies worldwide. Our Editor’s Desk authors insightful real-time coverage on the economy, the capital markets and their listed companies.

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Rudra Sera Bella: Your Home is a creeper with flowers

Rudra Group launches Rudra Sera Bella, a contemporary integrated township embroidered with various amenities which make it a more desired and luxurious place to live in. The project is located within a sprawling complex where it emerges like an oasis in the desert and generates a spectacular modern habitat using amongst others earthquake resistant technology. This ultra modern integrated township is bound to make your stay a comfortable and peaceful. It goes without saying that it would be an experience beyond ordinary as finishing is just perfect, ambiance exudes luxury and the design presents a mesmerizing sight. The project offers you the most stylish and lavish lifestyle that one can ever imagine.

Rudra Sera Bella is a joint venture of 2 premier groups, Rudra and UM Architecture and Contactor Limited. Wherein UM Architecture and Contractor Limited, further takes pride of being promoted by HDIL and Conclave, trusted players of Real Estate Industry. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to live in the same tower where Gautam Gambhir has a home.

Rudra Sera Bella comprises luxurious two and three bedroom apartments that available at affordable prices. There are world class amenities like swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam and sauna bath etc. There is an exquisite club house featuring all the comfort and leisure activities to rejuvenate your senses after hard working day. In addition to this, there is a Health Club as well as a fully equipped gymnasium with a trained physical instructor that will help you to gain proper fitness. The world class amenities and the well furnished apartments have been instrumental in luring the investor’s into buying the property.

Rudra Sera Bella is situated in Indirapuram that is a developed area in the industrial city of Ghaziabad. The area is well connected to several major spots of the city as well as other parts of National Capital Region. The project is enjoys the neighborhood of six malls and several housing projects. It is also near to the proposed site of the new upcoming Metro Station and hence it is bound to be a good investment option.

Rudra Group is a dynamic and modern home builder with traditional values – a value change in building home. The Group is an organization of passionate and zealous engineers and space planners. They have endeavored to commit that Mantra that “Transparent Management Fosters Growth” the group in turn sets examples in personal and professional conduct all while delivering products and services that exceed customer’s expectations. Rudra Group makes every effort to ensure customer satisfaction by providing them with improved quality of life and living standards.

“As a middle class boy, I always knew what home means to an Indian family. The same sentiments are also echoed in Rudra family’s working style and characteristics. This is the reason that in this whole gamut of builders and developers, I became a member of Rudra”, as said by Gautam Gambhir, Director of Rudra Buildwell Realty Pvt Ltd.  

Rashid is Real Estate consultant who experts in all the hot projects in Rudra Sera Bella and he has deep interest in writing articles.
Rudra Sera Bella is one of the hot project Indirapuram Ghaziabad and Rudra Sera Bella project offers 1/2/3/4 BHK Flats with world class luxurious amenities.

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